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Storytelling can be a dynamic force for connection, imagination, and transformation.

photo of Doug Lipman, storytelling coachI am the world's most experienced storytelling coach, an internationally performing storyteller, and an established author and trainer. I have created innovative tools for learning to convey meaning and command attention through storytelling.

I seek to work with those who care about the dynamics of storytelling: the changes in ourselves, our relationships, and our stories that come about when we enter the living, powerful, vulnerable realm of storytelling.

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To begin storytelling

How do I get started telling stories?

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How can I maximize my ability to engage and transform listeners through storytelling?

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Strengthen your organization
How do I integrate the power of storytelling into my organization?

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Empower others to tell their stories

How can I help other people shape their stories so their voices can be heard?

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Spread the word about your business or your art?

How can I use storytelling in my marketing and website? Or how can I market my storytelling?

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